Butterflies: Pieris napi

Butterflies: Pieris napi Let’s go back to talking about butterflies, this time introducing and showing you the green-veined white  (Pieris napi), a butterfly of the Pieridae family which also includes the most famous cabbage butterfly (Pieris brassicae). Small in size, with a wingspan of 35-45 mm, it has, like other white butterflies, a marked sexual … More Butterflies: Pieris napi

Butterflies: Aglais io

Butterflies: Aglais io Today I present you this wonderful butterfly: the European peacock, or peacock butterfly (Aglais io). Its specific epithet refers to Io, the priestess of Juno with the legendary beauty and, in fact, what is striking about this butterfly is undoubtedly the splendid colouring of the wings.But, as often happens in Nature, beauty … More Butterflies: Aglais io