Three white-tailed eagles fight over the prey (video)

Three white-tailed eagles fight over the prey (video)

A short, calm, relaxing video shows three white-tailed eagles fighting over and feeding on their prey, a barnacle goose, under pouring rain.

Heedless of me, far enough away not to worry them, two of them patiently wait for the older one, recognizable by the neck and head covered by a whiter plumage, to finish eating.

It’s interesting to note how, once the prey has been released, an eagle approaches but is immediately chased away by another, perhaps larger or stronger.

The first, at this point, decides to fly a few tens of meters away to enjoy, in solitude, the carcass of another goose affected by avian flu, which, fortunately, does not seem to have affected the birds of prey.

A moment of peace, observing Nature from within without interfering. Nature can also be cruel, but still wonderful based on that subtle balance between life and death.

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