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Retracing Wandering Italia: on the trail of the wolf

Retracing Wandering Italia: on the trail of the wolf (from Bocca Serriola to Badia Tedalda)

After days and days chasing the Great Italian Trail, finally, its indicative sign and that small forest road that gets lost in the woods give me back happiness and the most authentic and complete sense of my journey.

To make everything even more magical, the fog secretly envelops and guards everything, concealing and showing, hiding and creating ephemeral realities and unstable mirages. I also perceive the presence of the wolf, which is probably watching me hidden in the mist. I remember smiling at its nocturnal howls as I follow its footprints on the muddy path.

Finally, hours of solitude, just I lost in a Nature that surprises me again, giving me continuous big and small miracles made up of close encounters with wildlife, silence, and scents from the woods and meadows in bloom.

Instead of tiring me, the long and demanding walk up to Bocca Trabaria regenerates and recharges me so I can face a new hitch and a new detour with a smile.

And so, ready to meet my vagabond destiny, I am also prepared to receive an unexpected encounter which, however, cannot be fortuitous but which I have attracted.

The journey changes, remodels itself and creates new paths that lead me and will lead me to cross the path of those I need to meet.

Because I’m walking, and not just physically anymore: I’m walking on the path of my life and my tomorrow.

What this journey is slowly creating…


Photos taken mainly with iPhone 7 since the reflex still gave me some problems.

In 2018 I embarked on a journey, on foot and alone, from the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise towards Trieste, going up the Apennines and facing the Alps. If you want to find out more about this incredible experience, you can find Wandering Italia – A journey to regain your life on Amazon, on Kobo and in PDF..

Ripercorriamo Wandering Italia: sulle tracce del lupo / Retracing Wandering Italia: on the trail of the wolf
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