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The wonders in the land of seals (11)

The wonders in the land of seals (11): i.e. how could I?

I’ve been working a lot lately; luckily, the seal season is going well, almost like the pre-pandemic one.

Just yesterday, a guest asked me:

But don’t you get tired of coming here so often?

Sure, I thought, always being out in the cold, the wind, the attention to be given to my guests and working on the photos to give them to add something more to an already unforgettable experience are all things that, in the end, they make me tired.

But how can I get tired when I’m lucky enough to have invented a job that allows me to enjoy these wonders?

Every day is the same, yet every day is different: for what you see, for what you breathe, for the colours of the sky, for the light, for the cold and, of course, also and above all, for them, the seals.


Remember that if you are in the Copenhagen/Malmö area, you have until January 31st to accompany me to these splendid creatures.


If you too cannot resist the beauty of these beautiful creatures, below you can find the links to the previous wonders in the land of seals:

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La mia attrezzatura / My gear:  Nikon D750 / Nikon D500 / Obiettivo Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 / GoPro 7 Hero black / Gimbal Neewer / Rollei Tripod C6i Carbon + Rode VideoMicro 

Le meraviglie nella terra delle foche (11) / The wonders in the land of seals (11)
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