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The golden eagle: not an easy life for the queen of the skies

The golden eagle: not an easy life for the queen of the skies

Here are some more photos of the close encounter with a young specimen of the golden eagle.

As I said in other posts about these majestic birds of prey, we often consider eagles as the undisputed queens of the skies. But if, on the one hand, it’s true, being at the top of the food chain as they have no direct predators, if not humans, it’s also true that they do not have an easy life in the skies, like indeed all raptors and other birds.

In this sequence, in fact, we can admire the golden eagle being disturbed and even attacked, first by a young example of a rough-legged buzzard and then by a raven. But why these attacks?

Well, certainly not for fun or pure sporting purposes because, in the end, we must remember that everything in Nature is based on that subtle balance between life and death, where a single rule reigns: Mors tua, vita mea.

Birds defend their territory, perhaps the nest with eggs, their young, or their prey. All birds are prey and predators, even willing to risk their lives to defend their survival and that of the species. These attacks and shows in the skies are not all that rare.

I couldn’t shoot both birds well (after all, I was focused on what interested me the most, and you can imagine the speed of these turns), and some photos are not even in focus, but they give a good idea of the stunts that took place right above me.

Both the buzzard and the raven have repeatedly tried to hit the eagle on the back of the neck, its most vulnerable spot, landing on its back, a relatively large target, on which they can land for a fraction of a second and strike with their beaks. Furthermore, the nape of the neck is located in the eagle’s “blind area”, i.e. a visual area where it cannot see them coming.

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La mia attrezzatura / My gear:  Nikon D750 / Nikon D500 / Obiettivo Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 / GoPro 7 Hero black / Gimbal Neewer / Rollei Tripod C6i Carbon + Rode VideoMicro 

L'aquila reale: vita non facile per la regina dei cieli / The golden eagle: not an easy life for the queen of the skies
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