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The wonders in the land of seals (10)

The wonders in the land of seals (10)

We had an icy end of December, with snow and freezing temperatures, even here in southern Sweden.

Waking up early, at five o’clock, to get ready to go out, knowing that it’s about twelve-thirteen degrees below zero outside, is certainly not an easy decision to make, especially as I continue to struggle with the thousand “Why am I doing it?” that echo inside me.

But the most difficult choices, as we know, are often the ones that lead to the best results; and then, if it’s cold, what’s the problem? Just dress up, right?

The euphoria of self-belief vanishes as soon as I step outside the house, and a bitter cold immediately pierces my multiple layers of clothing; the sky is black, dotted with clear and sharp stars as if they too were congealed by the nighttime frost; the little snow that fell a few days earlier is now a paving of ice that creaks at every step. With difficulty, I manage to open the door, start the engine and, giving myself repeated blows to my hands and numb shoulders, I begin to remove the ice from the windows.

The car takes a while to warm up, perhaps too much, as I glide along deserted and icy roads, careful not to lose control. At the same time, I look southeast with the hope of seeing the first glimmers of light; but everything is still dark, and I’m afraid that banks of clouds have gathered on the horizon, which will make this early rise in vain.

Instead, after having parked and taken my gear to walk towards the beach, the sky has already cleared up, and little by little, even the snow and ice light up, giving a soft glare. There is a bit of wind, and I know it will be even worse when I reach the long peninsula ahead, so exposed to the elements, but despite the cold, now that light over there manages to give me a warm smile.

As I trudge along the frozen beach, with the wind growing now that the sun is about to rise, that light grows in intensity and begins to colour the sky with violet reflections first, then red, orange, and yellow in a dawn that starts to catch fire. The wind lifts the sand and ripples the sea waves of foam reflecting the sky’s colours.

I arrive at the seals just as the sun rises while a flock of cormorants flies towards infinity. The cold is just a distant memory, ecstatic as I am to enjoy this show in complete solitude.

The seals, curious as they are, begin to approach, and in the golden light of dawn, I can admire their beauty even more, enclosed in their tender expressions and melancholy. After a few shots, I let myself fall onto the beach and look them straight in the eyes since, by now, they will be only ten meters away from me.

Their eyes are full of light, like mine. Invaded by an infinite sense of happiness and gratitude.


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