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The Wonders of the Plains of Castelluccio

The Wonders of the Plains of Castelluccio

About three weeks ago, finding myself in the area, I took advantage of the free time between the presentation of my book in Capodacqua and that in Vallecupola to go up to Forca di Presta and Castelluccio, also to visit friends I met during Wandering Italia.

The first photos, from Forca di Presta, were taken just after dawn: I woke up early to go up to Castelluccio with the hope of finding the fog, but the wind and clear air already in Arquata made me realise that I would not have found it. But maybe I found something more: a breathtaking sky and the feeling of floating in infinity!

The next day I returned calmly and descending towards Pian Grande first and then from Castelluccio, I wanted to immortalise the tremendous immense spaces of this area, but also the details and, with these, the last colours of autumn.

At sunset, then, the sky still wanted to give me an unforgettable spectacle above the Sibillini mountains.

PS: I didn’t want to re-photograph the situation in which Castelluccio finds itself and his slow (very slow) reconstruction because I have already told you about it. With this post I want to emphasize the beauty of these places, inviting you to go visit and admire them. Also, and above all, to bring a smile and a little help to those who really need it. Thank you!

Paesaggi e dettagli dei Piani di Castelluccio / The wonders of the Plains of Castelluccio
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