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Admiring the fallow deer (first time for my guests)

Admiring the fallow deer (first time for my guests)

On the way back, towards the evening and therefore towards the end of the excursion, with some guests, we had the good fortune to admire a male fallow deer intent on grazing, probably to recover his strength to be ready to fight the night (we were in the middle of the period of loves).

Hidden behind a bump, with the wind in favour and motionless as stones, we admired it without disturbing him as it crossed the scene that immediately became perhaps the most exciting of all the spectacles seen and experienced that day.

In order not to spoil the moment, I decided not to shoot immediately and, to tell the truth, I didn’t even follow him anymore because I looked at the smile on the faces of my two guests, the light in the eyes full of wonder and emotion.

And that was the best show for me.

What perhaps even the deer wanted to admire at least for a second…

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Ammirare il daino (la prima volta per i miei ospiti) / Admiring the fallow deer (first time for my guests)
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