Love What You Do!

Love What You Do!

A couple of tourists that I had the pleasure of accompanying, in the season between 2019 and 2020, to admire the seal colony contacted me: they have beautiful memories of that day and, returning to Copenhagen for work, they decided to rely on me, once again, to discover the beauty of Swedish nature and wildlife.

Obviously, this can only please me and fill me with pride because I love my job and, above all, I love to give wonderful experiences to my guests.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has greatly limited my work and, in addition to the economic damage, has deprived me of the joy and pride of being able to give unforgettable memories to all those people who love to travel, explore and discover.

Because I love what I do and my job, which I invented, following my dreams and passions. Because in the first place, I always put the safety of those I accompany. Still, I also always do everything possible to have the highest percentage of success of the experience, cancelling it or postponing it if the conditions are not optimal or would not make the experience as it should and how I would like it to be: perfect, unforgettable.

I have just returned to Sweden and my work, hoping that the bookings are on the rise, hoping that there are no more restrictions and that the pleasure of travelling will no longer be taken away from us.

Because I love what I do and, apparently, I do it well ❤️

If you want to check out what I offer and my guest’s reviews, go to my Airbnb profile.

If you are planning to come to Copenhagen or southern Sweden and want to discover the wonders of Scandinavian nature, feel free to contact me privately.

La mia attrezzatura / My gear: Nikon D750 / Nikon D500 / Obiettivo Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 / GoPro 7 Hero black / Gimbal Neewer / Rollei Tripod C6i Carbon + Rode VideoMicro 

6 thoughts on “Love What You Do!

  1. Spero proprio un giorno di venire fin là! Credo che andare a visitare i luoghi e la fauna insieme a una persona esperta possa permettere un briciolo di avventura anche a chi non saprebbe dove muovere i passi…

    1. Ti aspetto a braccia aperte!
      E sì, diciamo che dietro c’è tanto lavoro ed esperienza, cose che poi si riflettono nella buona riuscita del tour: la Natura è Natura, e non la si può comandare; ma posso cercare di fare tutto il possibile per donare ai miei ospiti indimenticabili esperienze 😊