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From Hell To Heaven

From Hell To Heaven

You may have realised that I have posted little, or at least less than usual, in the last period. Since last Thursday, then, I have not posted at all.

But if the cause of my partial abandonment was a paradoxical and, in some ways, a grotesque situation, the recent total absence is instead due to something extraordinary, an absolute miracle.

I was left without a car for a month and a half due to a wrong choice in entrusting my vehicle to a workshop that kept postponing the return, blaming the incredible long times in finding spare parts.

This led me to cancel both work and personal photographic tours and, in addition to the economic damage, it was the worst sentence for someone like me who lives by and for Nature!

Gradually I started to lose everything, from the sense of time to the desire to do, from the ideas and projects I wanted to work on to all the material I had to post or deepen. In a month and a half, I found myself descending, collapsing, falling into that limbo in which many of us have lived since the beginning of the pandemic: a life not lived.

On the other hand, I spent the last few days with my princess, having fun, loving each other and taking us back by the hand to rediscover the essential: getting out of the hole to get up and fly again.

Now I am in Rome with my parents, and I have already been smiling again for five days…

Because life is a swing that perhaps lately was only going down. But it’s the moments when you’re at the top that justify it all.

And they give back hope…

Dall'inferno al paradiso / From Hell To Heaven
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