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The enchantment of the blooming forest

The enchantment of the blooming forest

As I mentioned a few days ago, I returned to the enchanted forest to find it, this time, covered with a lush carpet of wood anemones (Anemonoides nemorosa) in bloom.

Indeed a feeling and a completely different landscape from what was photographed just a few weeks earlier when guarded and defended by the fog; everything appeared static, mysterious, silent. Now everything screams to life: the white flowery meadow, the air full of birdsong, the sun that, finally, now really warms.

But if inside and outside, a huge smile could not fail to be born, following the joyful rhythm of a nature that comes back to life, I must admit that I struggled, and not a little, in trying to pay homage, through my shots, to all the beauty that surrounded me: the still bare trees, too much light and the blue sky that filtered them, and of which I am not a particular fan as regards the photos in the forest, as I think it distracts attention from the main subject, were the main problems I had to “fight” with. However, the forest itself came to my aid, a place I am becoming more and more fond of because it’s clean, tidy and therefore photogenic.

Let me explain: the forests, which cover 70% of the Swedish territory, are mostly “private”, mainly used for wood production and, therefore, cyclically cut. If this represents a trauma for someone like me who loves the woods, it also creates a photographic problem because the undergrowth will never be clean but always be full of all the remains of the previous deforestation; remains, such as branches and trunks, which end up making everything even more chaotic, a place where it is almost impossible to find a subject or a detail which stand out.

This forest, on the other hand, being a nature reserve, has remained intact for hundreds of years, as evidenced by its centuries-old beech trees, and therefore cleaner and more orderly. Then, it was impossible not to look away from this glittering flowery undergrowth this time!

The enchantment of the forest in bloom: a magical place, in every season and for every mood.

Foto scattate con/ Pictures taken by: Nikon D750 + Nikon Nikkor 24-120 f4

The enchantment of the blossoming forest
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