Earth Day

Earth Day

Yes, I know it was yesterday, 22nd April, but…

I am not a supporter of “international days of something”, especially if these become a succession of dates in the name of something that, in the end, end up becoming days in the name of nothing.

Sure, it’s okay to raise awareness, it’s okay to remember, it’s okay to celebrate, but do we really need to have a date to remind us to remember, honour and thank the planet we live on? The only one we have that has not abandoned us despite our continuous abuses?

It’s okay to remember, it’s okay to raise awareness, it’s okay to celebrate… but let’s do it every day, in the little things, in the respect we owe to Mother Earth!

To continue to hope that she will still stand for us.

To continue to hope, or at least prove, that our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can also enjoy her.

Respect for the Earth, Respect for Nature.

Always ❤️

Giornata mondiale della Terra / Earth day