Wandering Italia in PDF format

I am pleased to announce that now Wandering Italia – A Journey To Come Back To Life is also available in PDF version.

I decided to offer this opportunity as well since many had contacted me to inform me, almost apologising, that they had not yet purchased the book either because they didn’t have an Ebook reader or did not know how to do it on Amazon or even not having, at the moment, the economic possibility (and, unfortunately, many have written it to me, but this is another matter).

Well, to meet everyone’s needs, I decided to make available a PDF version of the book that you can easily download in the dedicated Downloads area. The procedure is easy and safe, personally tested, and you can choose whether to pay by credit card or through PayPal.

I am also working on an illustrated version, with those hundreds of photos that I have “praised” many times, obviously available at a ridiculously low price for all those who have already purchased the book on Amazon or Kobo Store, who will get a promotional code.

Finally, then, I will also make available a version of my first novel, Lo Sguardo Dei Faggi.

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