WANDERING ITALIA, English version: here the book!

What drives a forty-three-year-old man to quit his job, start over, get back into the game, and tackle over three thousand kilometres of wild mountains on foot and in solitude? Indeed the desire and the need to feel that life cannot just be continuous and monotonous progress of days all the same, without a purpose or a motivation. The need to cross the unknown, inside and outside of oneself, and to know one’s limits, fears and weaknesses, but also the most hidden abilities and unexpected resources. The need to look for the right path to follow and put one’s existence back in place.

Wandering Italia is a journey, real but also internal, to find happiness, if it exists, or at least the desire to chase it again; a trip on unknown paths to rediscover, step by step, that desire to live, to move forward, which should never vanish, but which seemed to have lost forever

It has been a long, tiring and painful process in some ways, but I am pleased to announce the release of WANDERING ITALIA – A Journey to Come Back to Life, available in both ebook (also on Kobo) and paperback. (Please note: on Amazon the book is available worldwide, so check your local one)

I know that many of you, especially those who have followed me for a long time, have been looking forward to this publication, having been three and a half years since the end of that adventure. But they have not been easy years, both for personal reasons (as you will discover in the book itself), and for what has happened to all of us and which, unfortunately, seems to have no end and getting worse.

But if I managed to go on, if I didn’t let myself go to the bottom and if I managed not to be overwhelmed by events, I owe it also and above all to everything that Wandering Italia taught me and that, with this book, I hope to transmit.

I can only wish you happy reading, looking forward to hearing your impressions (criticisms and compliments are always welcome).

Thank you!

7 thoughts on “WANDERING ITALIA, English version: here the book!

  1. Congratulations Manuel. I’m so happy and excited for you! I can’t wait to read your story in full. Your words have a way of drawing in the reader into your heart and soul which is beautiful! Superb and well delivery getting this to us in English as well! 💕❤️🙏

    1. Thank you so much dear 😊😘 makes me very happy to read your rewarding words 😘😘 hope The book will not disappoint you 😃
      Let me know when you’ll get it , can’t wait to know your impressions

      1. Oh it’s my pleasure! I’m glad as it’s such a huge labor of love and work!!
        I will for sure. Crazy busy but I will def be getting it and look forward to it and sharing my thoughts!💕❤️