Wandering Italia, English version, almost ready!

Good news from the translation-editing-publishing front 😃: Wandering Italia – A Journey to Come Back to Life is almost ready and will be published very very soon!

While waiting, you can read here the Incipit:

Settefrati (about 150 km south of Rome, Italy), 13th May 2018

It’s a rather weird feeling to find myself thrilled and almost absent in front of these mountains, which wrap me with their mysterious and intriguing essence. It’s still inconceivable to think that, from tomorrow, they will be the absolute protagonists of my greatest adventure.

In Sweden, I live close to the sea and, even when I go inland, I find nothing but low hills; the last time I saw the mountains silhouetted in front of my eyes was almost a year ago when I spent a few weeks of vacation in the Dolomites; now I have the feeling that the eyes are not yet ready to find themselves in front of these imposing strongholds.

But here I am, letting my gaze and thoughts flow over these harsh and silent profiles at sunset: the peaks still snow-capped and untouched after the long and rigid winter grip; further down, the grassy slopes, dotted with white rocks, descend steeply towards the wood which, luxuriant, is already exploding with the sparkling green of spring.

Countless thoughts crowd my mind; in silence, I try to understand, give myself answers, and realise what I’m about to face. Tomorrow I will go up and challenge these slopes; I will slip into this wild valley to definitively turn away from everyday life: dive into the unknown, the unexpected, without being able to retrace my steps.

“I’ll have to go on, always and despite anything!” I think as I’m about to leave for my greatest gamble, the solo crossing of the Apennines first and then the Alps: Wandering Italia, as I called this project, 3500 km on foot to reach Trieste. And I still can’t realise it… 

“What awaits me? Will I make it? Am I ready?”

Despite the impossibility of finding reassuring answers, I feel I’m not afraid. I just want to go.

Before going, before returning to spend the last essential moments with my family, I quickly think about the reasons that led me to make this decision. I remain for a moment, in silence, while the sun paints the cries of this eve, the last evening of my life as I have known it until now. 

From tomorrow, it will follow different paths.

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