Airone cenerino / Grey heron

Avevo raccontato che, tra tutti gli uccelli, uno che trovavo difficile da fotografare era l’airone cenerino: schivo, sempre in allerta, al minimo rumore vola via e sempre nella direzione opposta. A meno che…

A meno che non ci sia un altro airone a intimorirlo, a scacciarlo, come avvenuto ieri: la “diatriba” è successa dietro gli alberi che si vedono nella foto, ma è bastata per spingere il perdente a fuggire verso di me, quel poco che è bastato per rubare lo scatto.

Infatti, appena mi ha visto, ha cambiato direzione, ma troppo tardi 😃

E così, un’ora e passa di attesa, a circa -10°, questa volta non è stata buttata…

Foto scattate con Nikon D500 + Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di USD G2 SLR

Pictures taken by  Nikon D500 + Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di USD G2 SLR

I already wrote that, of all the birds, one that I found difficult to photograph was the grey heron: shy, always alert, at the slightest noise it flies away and always in the opposite direction. Unless…

Unless there is another heron to intimidate it, to chase it away, as happened yesterday: the “fight” happened behind the trees that can be seen in the photo, but it was enough to push the loser to fly towards me, that little enough to steal the shot.

In fact, as soon as it saw me, it changed direction, but too late 😃

And so, an hour and more of waiting, at about -10 °, this time it was not thrown away…

34 risposte a "Airone cenerino / Grey heron"

  1. Whoa!!! You did it.. Great capture and pics… let the fighting continue.. lol
    Hey, I’m going to get a panosonic Lecia 200 (whateves) and I’m hoping to get better with my pics.. what do you think? I need an easy point and shoot and don’t want to always use my phone.

      1. oops, yest I think so… Oh good.. you’re most welcome.. Hoping for a better zoom than the iPhone.. just another plug in and download I do’t love💖 great shots yes indeed that you took!👏👏

      2. If it’s a compact don’t expect too much zoom, it is a digital one so quite powerful, but quality will be lost…
        For sure better than an iPhone anyway 😃😉

        Thank you so much 😊

      3. Ok, thanks, I won’t be giving you any competition then, so there’s that 🤣 but I may not be getting what I want either. I can always return in any event!💖 🙏🙏🙏

      4. 🤣🤣
        alright we’ll see! I’m a little worried about more charging and downloading more stuff but Hey I’ve been learning more than I thought i could so why not try! ❤️

  2. Che poi, quando passano le auto a 2 metri, manco se le filano; se ti fermi a guardarlo da 50 metri, fa l’offeso e se ne va: io odio gli aironi che non si fanno fotografare!


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