A little help

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many, especially freelancers like me: operating in the tourism sector through my experiences, I have been completely stopped since February and no one knows when we will be able to leave.

The situation is starting to be difficult, I admit, but I want to continue to do what I love, follow my passions and, above all, spread respect and love for Nature.

If you like what I do, write and photograph, and want to help me continue, here are some little help you could give me:

  • The book “Lo Sguardo dei Faggi” (and those to come)

I wrote a book, in Italian,  Lo Sguardo dei Faggi, and you can find it here in both ebook and paper versions.
I am also working on a collection of short stories and writings, and on the book on my adventure Wandering Italia: both will be released in ebook and paper versions I hope as soon as possible.

  • Fine Art Prints & Gadgets

My best photos are available for prints in different formats and on different materials, from normal prints to canvas, prints on metal, on acrylic, wood and much more. It is also possible to have my photos on various gadgets such as mobile phone covers, pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains and bags. Affordable prices and safe worldwide shipping.
Here you can find my collections.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program

I am part of the Amazon affiliate program, and this is why I link to products, for example as below:

Pictures taken by  Nikon D750 + Nikon Nikkor 24-120 f4. + Tamron 15-30 f2,8

The Amazon affiliate program works in this way: if you click on the link and in the next 24 hours proceed with the purchase of a product, whatever it is, I am entitled to a very small percentage (different according to the product category) at no additional cost for you buyers.
If you usually shop on Amazon, maybe you could use one of my links next time.

  • Experiences in Nature

I know that the period is not the best for planning trips, but if you have planned a holiday in the South of Sweden, or in the nearby Denmark, and would like to live an exciting experience in Nature, here you can see and book one of my guided excursions for bring you the wonderful local wildlife such as: white fallow deer and other ungulates, large birds of prey and birdwatching during migrations, gray and common seals.

  • Paypal donation

It is not easy to ask for charity, and in fact I ask you for help, let’s say that if you want to offer me a coffee or a beer, you can do it by making a donation through Paypal. The contact details for payments are: inerro@inerro.land  or +4673749090

Thanks a lot and from the deep of my heart to anyone who can and wants to give me a hand to start again.❤️

Manuel Chiacchiararelli – inerro.land