Così Vicino / So Close

Così vicino da quasi toccarle.
Così vicino da non sapere quale scegliere da fotografare.
Così vicino da sentire il battito delle loro immense ali.
Così vicino da guardarle dritto negli occhi.

Due Aquile di mare mi sono passate a massimo 10 metri sopra la testa.
E così vicino da poter, rivedendo le foto, leggere i numeri del loro anello identificativo.
Ho contattato l’organo che si occupa del loro monitoraggio e fra un po’ avrò più notizie su questi due magnifici esemplari.

Vi terrò aggiornati!

Se anche voi volete avere degli incontri speciali con questi o altri rapaci, date un occhiata a cosa offro cliccando qui.
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Foto scattate con Nikon D500 e Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di USD G2 SLR

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So close to almost touch them.
So close to not knowing which one to choose to take a picture of..
So close to hear the flap of their immense wings.
So close to look them straight in the eyes.

Two sea eagles passed me up to 10 meters above my head.
And so close that by reviewing the photos, I could read the numbers of their identification ring.
I have contacted the organisation that takes care of their monitoring and in a little while I will have more news about these two magnificent specimens.

I’ll keep you up-to-date!

If you also want to have special meetings with these or other birds of prey, have a look at what I offer by clicking here.
For every info and request contact me by writing to or call +46 737490909 (also whatsapp).

Pictures taken by  Nikon D500  and Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di USD G2 SLR

16 thoughts on “Così Vicino / So Close

  1. I live in a small rural town just outside of a major city in Norther California; in the Central Valley that used to be called “The Bread Basked of the World” which I think, now, is Peru.
    We have a very rustic backyard; full of life, and many birds visit. One common visitor is our Peregrine Falcom. It literally swoops through our back yard; sometimes sits along the fence and just watches. We often see little dead birds scattered around. I do not despair this because it is beautiful nature, but I don’t much like picking up the dead birds. LOL

    Gorgeous images you have here! That eagle looks like it’s dancing. Is it the Bald Eagle that courts it mate high up; Locks talons during a flightless plummet to the ground, and they break off before they hit the ground.

    THANKS for these beautiful images and for the work you do in and for nature!

      1. One time, the falcon was hopping along our backyard fence, and all I had was my iPad camera…so I took video, but it was pretty poor quality because he was in the shadow of our redwood, and it was a bright day.

        In my back yard, I don’t keep my camera handy, but it might be a good idea now that you mention it. I spend so much time outside back there reading and writing…all day if I’m allowed to. LOL

        Our little corner of the world is quite nice. We live in the middle of a delta, so there is so much wild life. Once more, we live near many rice fields, so…lots of birds of prey! And…lots of prey (lol). Now, I just need an eagle to come along and snatch up these darn squirrels that keep eating all our fruit! They are so wasteful…pick the fruit, take a few bites and toss it in the middle of the yard. I’d rather nature take care of the problem.

        One day, when I can afford it, I’ll need to get a good telephoto lens. I’m still operating with a stock lens (the Sony Alpha 7II). I’m not fully committed to this camera, so I’m hesitant to invest a lot of money in it, so I am relegated to…stills and my impressionist, and abstracts. Without the telephone, wild life photography is pointless except…maybe I can fine some really tame birds of pray that let me get…within a meter or so without scratching my eyes out.

        My Nikon 7200 was SO MUCH BETTER!


      2. It must be a wonderful place!
        Keep your camera handy, maybe even without a telezoom at the moment you can take beautiful pictures.
        Looking forward to see them 🙂

  2. 65 euro per una giornata così? Ma subito! Soprattutto perché saprei di essere nelle mani di un amante appassionato di queste meraviglie. Adesso so cosa fare quando e se verrò dalle tue parti. Bravo Manuel, vai così.

  3. Ciao Manuel! ma sai che proprio oggi ho visto la mia prima aquila di mare??? Siamo andati a mangiare in un posto chiamato Kustavi, nell’arcipelago fuori Turku e un’aquila e’ passata sopra il ristorante non altissima: l’abbiamo vista bene tutti! Era insieme ad un gabbiano che strillava…forse aveva provato a mangiarselo…ma e’ stato proprio il gabbiano a farci alzare le teste. Oggi tempo meraviglioso: 32 gradi…