Scopri la Svezia Selvaggia! / Discover Wild Sweden!

Nei miei svariati articoli in cui vi ho presentato e parlato di alcune delle specie di animali presenti sul territorio svedese, ho spesso chiuso con il messaggio di contattarmi in privato se interessati a fare simili esperienze.

Bene, da adesso non è più un invito generico, ma è una realtà e sono felice di presentarvi tre offerte per scoprire ed esplorare la selvaggia Svezia e per avvicinarsi ed avere indimenticabili incontri con la fauna selvatica.

Date un’occhiata ai tre tour/esperienze che offro per il momento, due (Le aquile e altri grandi rapaci + I daini bianchi… e non solo!) in programma tutto l’anno, l’altra (Le gru cenerine) possibile solo nei mesi di marzo e aprile.
E fra poco vi darò anche anche la possibilità di avvicinarvi, e molto, ad una colonia di foche grigie, ma solo nei mesi da novembre a gennaio.

Se avete in programma di venire nel Sud della Svezia, ma anche a Copenhagen che dista solo 20 min di treno da Malmö, e volete rendere la vostra vacanza indimenticabile arricchendola di esperienze uniche… beh, io sarò più che felice di accompagnarvi e farvi da guida in queste meravigliose avventure!

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In my various articles in which I presented and talked about some of the species of animals present on Swedish territory, I often ended with the message to contact me in private if interested in doing similar experiences.

Well, from now on it is no longer a generic invitation, but it is a reality and I am happy to present you three offers to discover and explore the wild Sweden and get closer and have unforgettable encounters with wildlife.

Take a look at the three tours / experiences that I offer for the moment, two (Eagles and other birds of prey + White fallow deer and so much more!) scheduled throughout the year, the other (Thousands of Grey cranes) possible only in the months of March and April.
And soon there will also be the possibility of getting closer, and a lot, to a colony of gray seals, but only in the months from November to January.

If you are planning to come to the South of Sweden, but also to Copenhagen which is only 20 minutes by train from Malmö, and you want to make your holiday unforgettable enriching it with unique experiences … well, I will be more than happy to accompany and guide you through astonishing adventures!

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18 thoughts on “Scopri la Svezia Selvaggia! / Discover Wild Sweden!

  1. Wow! That would be incredible! What an amazing collection of photos you had! I had to get a 5tb hard drive just to open up all my files to review for posting! I can imagine you need a lot of memory space for all that those files! To you shoot in RAW or JPEG?

    LOL…thanks for the show and invitation! Take care!

  2. I Ask because I shoot in RAW format, and each photo is 25-30 mb, and it eats up memory very very quickly, but I play around with my photos and want the larger file to work and with less distortion.

    1. Thanks Ian for the compliments, first!
      Yes, I shoot RAW as well because I prefer to be the one to work on the picture and don’t let the camera do the job. My files can be between 20 and 50 mb, depends which camera I use and it’s true they takes a lot of space.
      But recently I’m more demanding on my pictures and deleting loads of them, trying to keep only the very good, the best and the “keepers”. And when I got the chance to get more beautiful shots of an Eagle, for example, i review the old one and delete those which became just “ok”, otherwise I will end up with hundreds thousands pictures very quickly.
      I use a 2tb for first storage, a 1tb for backup and another tb for third backup. I m looking into to put them into the cloud now, just to be sure.
      Which program are you using to work on RAW file? Lightroom is very good as library and for primary PP 😉

      1. I’m only an “Enthusiast” photographer, though I’ve been using a digital camera since the late 1990s. My first camera was a 6mp Sony, and from there I upgraded to a 10MP Nikon D70 which I kept for years. I think the quality of that was still pretty fabulous compared to todays cameras, though file size was much much smaller. Do you print? What printer do you use if you do print?

        I have always use Adobe photoshop Elements because I usually only use the most basic tools; usually just lighting, maybe little bit of the sharpening tool, blemish remover for “dust blobs” on my sensor, saturation and contrast. And adding my watermark. I got a free trial version of Adobe Lighthouse once, and I was amazed by it…there is a LOT more nuance you can do with it. I am very ashamed though because, with all the technicality of the program (that I got lost in fascination about…truly, it was like going through a library where all your favorite books are kept) I got a little overwhelmed by, I just canceled the trial and upgraded to the next version of Elements. Mostly I stay away from all the filters Unless I’m doing something really goofy.

        One time I took a not so flattering picture of a good friend, took it home and turned him into a frumpy old lady with a beehive hairdo (I was quite impressed with the end result since I had to spend quite a long time experimenting with things I had no idea about). HE LOOKED LIKE A REALLY HOMELY VERSION OF HIS MOTHER! He felt the joke was quite cruel, so…I burned it (click, drag to the trash and permanent delete. again forever). ROFL! I laughed so hard at his first look at my handy work. His eye balls twitched as his eyes scanned the photo. I’d never seen a face go from mirth to disgust in such a short amount of time! I think it was the “lipstick” and the running eyeliner…and he was on the toilet when I snapped the picture! OMG…I’m laughing in remembrance. Any way…Photoshop elements. That’s what I use. LOL…OMG…LOL.

        I use the external hard drive because I don’t want to pay the extra fees for…that amount of space needed. I think it’s like $20 bucks a month for TBs of space. In a year, that would pay for a 2TB hard drive that would last quite a bit longer than a year.

        And the “Just OK” photos, MAN! I’d say, 1 out of 10 or 20 pictures are Just ok, and of the 1 it’s about 50% of the time that it is worthy to even hang in a bathroom….the farthest back bathroom that only I would use. I post the other ones that are ones I personally love.

        I get really excited when I see you’ve posted. You post fairly quickly which means you must get really good results from your initial shootings…which I envy, but I’m perfectly content to be inspired to do better myself…and practice more when I see what you put up. Like I said before, I’m actually not fond of my new Sony. The menu is, again, like a huge library, only this other library is full of books on math, quantum physics and knitting…maybe a few on how to make macaroni necklaces, too.

        Love your art, Manuel. I looks like the library you go to has topics about gold, silver and gems to make items to display…which you do, and we get entrance. Thanks so much for all you do!

      2. Thank you again and again Ian!
        I think it’s as for many many other things, practice gives best results, for taking pictures but also for the PP.
        But I understand it can take time and if it’s not your job you probably don’t have so much time left to spend on it. But it can still be a wonderful hobby, a passion and a way to look more around ´, discovering beauties 🙂